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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! In between cooking, eating, football and moaning about how full you are, if you happen to sit down at your computer, here are a few things I read recently that you might find interesting...
  • Tim Harford suggests that gift cards might not solve the problem of the deadweight loss of Christmas presents.
  • If you brave the crowds on Black Friday, this post about price discrimination will give you something to think about while you're in line (hat tip to Mark Thoma).
  • Alex Tabarrok describes a fun activity for illustrating gains from trade. I'll add that you can do this in a large class if you use a subset of students - I've done this with a group of 10-15 students at the front of the 500-seater (once the other students see that the activity involves candy, there tends to be a lot more students who want to volunteer).
  • Rob Pitingolo has one of the clearer explanations of why popcorn is so expensive at the movies that I've ever seen.
  • If you send actual cards for the holidays, Cards that Give is a great resource, providing links to over a hundred charitable organizations that sell cards to raise funds.

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