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Monday, September 12, 2011

Professional Development PSA

A few opportunities that folks should know about...

- Before the ASSA meetings in Chicago, on Thursday, January 5, there will be a workshop at Roosevelt University in Chicago on Advanced Pedagogy and Course Design: Cutting Edge Teaching Techniques and Strategies for Pluralistic Economists, run by Geoffrey Schneider, Bucknell University. The overview: "Most heterodox economists today end up working at teaching-oriented institutions. Thus, our success in the academy depends significantly on our ability to teach successfully. This workshop is structured for heterodox graduate students and younger faculty to give them a comprehensive background in advanced pedagogical techniques and strategies that will help them succeed in the classroom. Drawing on the latest pedagogical research, the workshop will cover constructing and meeting learning objectives, syllabus design, models for pluralistic teaching, active and collaborative learning techniques, and teaching controversial topics."
- The 2012 AEA Continuing Education Program includes sessions on Advanced Interactive Teaching Methods in Economics, with Patrick Conway, University of North Carolina; Tisha Emerson, Baylor University; KimMarie McGoldrick, University of Richmond; Michael Salemi, University of North Carolina; and William Walstad, University of Nebraska. The program runs from 1:00pm on Sunday, January 8 to 5:00pm on Monday, January 9, right after the ASSA meetings in Chicago.
- The second Annual AEA Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education will be May 30-June 1, 2012 in Boston. Proposals are due by December 1, 2011; full info here. Last year's conference was awesome - even if you don't submit anything to present, I highly recommend attending!

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