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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stuff to check out

  • On September 6, the Flipped Learning Network is hosting “Flip your classroom” day. More info at http://www.flippedday.org/. You could use one of Mary McGlasson’s videos (described in more detail a few weeks ago), or one of Liam Lenten’s sports economics videos (described in this post).
  • MobLab is a new site that hosts interactive games that students can access from mobile browsers as well as laptops. I did a demo last month and it looks pretty slick. I could definitely see using this as an alternative to Aplia’s experiments in Principles (especially if, like me, you like Aplia more for the experiments than the problem sets) plus they have a lot of games for upper-division courses.
  • I really should have posted this earlier in the summer but if you or someone you know is teaching for the first time this fall, you may want to look at a paper I have forthcoming in the Southern Economic Journal: “A Primer for New Teachers”, written with Gail Hoyt and Brandon Sheridan. The paper offers advice for first-time econ teachers, both about the administrative logistics of things like classroom management, and easing into using interactive techniques. [Note: the SEJ link will allow you to access the paper if you are a member of the Southern Economic Association. If you aren’t, you can get the paper from my website here].

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