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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time-crunch blogging

I'm off to a conference this week (is it really going to be warmer in Richmond, VA than in San Diego by Friday?!?) so thought I'd just share a few links that I've been meaning to write more about...
  • Dan Hamermesh points out two examples of externalities on airplanes. As one commenter notes, I'm waiting for rules about crying babies...
  • If you don't read Jodi Beggs' blog already, Economists Do It with Models, you really should. Two recent posts I particularly liked were on the stupidity of charging for 911 calls (with an excellent explanation of public goods and common resources) and the opportunity cost of weddings (though that one's by a guest poster).
  • The New York Times Magazine had an outstanding piece on teaching that I really want to write more about but in the meantime, just go read it!

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