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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

$ pillow
I've always wondered if academics in other fields date each other at the same rate that economists do - god knows a lot of economists end up with other economists but I'm not sure if it's correlation (i.e., when you spend five+ years in grad school with other economists, who else are you going to date?) or causation (i.e., when you think like an economist, the odds of finding a non-economist who really understands you goes down significantly). During the ten years I dated economists, I would have said it's the latter but since I'm now with an engineer, I'm more inclined to think it's the former... At any rate, I have to say that one downside of dating outside the profession is that my boyfriend really doesn't get the following links. If you follow any other econ blogs or twitter accounts, you probably have already seen these but in case you haven't, enjoy!
  • Justin Wolfers started the hashtag #FedValentines for 'Fed-themed valentine's wishes' on twitter and shares some of his favorites over on the Freakonomics blog. I think my favorite is "When I look into your eyes, I have no fractional reserve."
  • Elisabeth Fosslien shares 14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You [by the way, Fosslien is apparently an alum of Pomona College so if there are any fellow Sagehens out there, you should also check out her Pomona in 47 Charts].
  • On a more serious note, Christopher Coyne discusses the Economics of Valentine's Day in this video - yet another economist telling us that most gifts are inefficient but at least he talks about the signalling effect of Valentine's gifts (rather than just saying we're all irrational).

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