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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Odds and ends

  • Teaching position at Leiden University College: Leiden University College, The Hague is a liberal arts and science college of Leiden University. The University College experiment in the Netherlands began as an effort to raise the quality of education and teaching in Universities by importing and adapting the Liberal Arts and Science model. Note the deadline is April 15!
  • Call for Papers: The National Economics Teaching Association is now accepting proposals for their fall conference, which will be November 6-7 in lovely San Diego.
  • I occasionally post links on the blog’s Facebook page, which also get pushed to my Twitter feed [note that if you have ‘liked’ the FB page, you may need to adjust your settings to make sure that you actually see posts in your feed, or get notifications]. Last month, there was a story from Marketplace about movie ticket prices and revenue that would be great for talking about elasticity, and NPR had a behavioral econ story about technology and tipping.

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