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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Share what you do!

The latest issue of the Journal of Economic Education has several must-read articles, written by the associate editors, providing advice about submitting your work to the different sections of the journal. If you are doing innovative things in your classroom, even if you are not doing controlled experiments or otherwise ‘proving’ effectiveness, you can still share what you’re doing in the Journal’s Instruction section. Personally, I usually find the articles in that section more useful for my actual teaching because they often provide descriptions of new activities or approaches, along with giving insight from the instructors about how things worked in the classroom.

While on the subject, the Starting Point site is also a great place to share what you’re doing (and to find really useful descriptions of activities you might want to try yourself). Each of the modules focuses on a different pedagogical tool and has examples of assignments and activities using that tool in economics. Some of the modules have more contributions than others, but anyone can submit examples. The submission page walks you though the information that is needed, all of which is aimed at making your description as useful as possible for other instructors.

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