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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Helping students learn time management

Lifehack has a review of StudyRails, a web-based service that helps students manage their time and their studying. It costs $10 a month but for students who really need help with their time management skills (I'm particularly thinking of new college students), this looks like it could be a really useful service.

I was particularly interested when I saw this post because I make it a point to tell students in my introductory courses that my objectives for the course include both subject knowledge and life skills - the first is econ-specific but the second is not. By 'life skills', I mean critical thinking (which I consider most important) but also the more mundane but clearly-important-for-success-in-life skills like teamwork, communication and time management. I began naming these skills as specific objectives for the course because I got tired of dealing with students who would turn in work that was incredibly poorly written but who would complain when I marked them down and argue, "But I answered the question correctly!"

On my course website, I have links to campus resources for students, like the counseling center, but it hadn't really occurred to me to link to other resources, like StudyRails. I'll need to think about whether if it's appropriate to link to private, for-profit services, since it will seem like I'm endorsing them. I also just don't know of other services that might be worth linking to but if anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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