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Monday, December 27, 2010

Economics Education sessions at ASSA

If I missed any, please let me know...

Jan 07, 2011 8:00 am, Sheraton, Director's Row H
American Economic Association
K-12 Economic and Financial Literacy Education (A2)
Presiding: Richard MacDonald (St. Cloud State University)

Teacher and Student Characteristics as Determinants of Success in High School Economics Classes

Jody Hoff  (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Jane Lopus (California State University-East Bay)
Rob Valletta (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
[Download Preview]
It Takes a Village: Determinants of the Efficacy of Financial Literacy Education for Elementary and Middle School Students
Weiwei Chen (University of Memphis)
Julie Heath (University of Memphis)
Economics Understanding of Albanian High School Students: Student and Teacher Effects and Specific Concept Knowledge
Dolore Bushati (University of Kansas)
Barbara Phipps (University of Kansas)
Lecture and Tutorial Attendance and Student Performance in the First Year Economics Course: A Quantile Regression Approach
Girijasankar Mallik (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
[Download Preview]

George Vredeveld (University of Cincinnati)
John Swinton (Georgia College & State University)
James O'Neill (University of Delaware)
King Banaian (St. Cloud State University)

Jan 07, 2011 2:30 pm, Sheraton, Vail American Economic Association
Teaching Undergraduate Economics (A1)
Presiding: Kenneth Elzinga (University of Virginia)

Factors Influencing Student Performance in Economics: Class and Instructor Characteristics

Wayne A. Grove (Le Moyne College)
Stephen Wu (Hamilton College)
[Download Preview]
Web 2.0 and Economic Education
Tim Haab (Ohio State University)
Aaron Schiff (Covec)
John C. Whitehead (Appalachian State University)
The Principles of Economics Textbook
Jane S. Lopus (California State University East Bay)
Lynn Paringer (California State University East Bay)
[Download Preview]
Assessing Student Learning with Rubrics
KimMarie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
Brian Peterson (Central College)


Kenneth G. Elzinga (University of Virginia)

Jan 08, 2011 8:00 am, Sheraton, Savoy National Association of Economic Educators
Big Think: A Model for Critical Inquiry in Economics Courses (A2) (Panel Discussion)
Panel Moderator: KimMarie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
KimMarie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
Robert Garnett (Texas Christian University)
Paul Grimes (Mississippi State University)
Geoffrey Schneider (Bucknell University)
John J. Siegfried (Vanderbilt University)
Martha Starr (American University)
Michael Watts (Purdue University)

Jan 08, 2011 10:15 am, Sheraton, Governor's Square 11 American Economic Association
Innovative Teaching Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate Economics (A2)
Presiding: B. Douglas Bernheim (Stanford University)
In-Class vs. Online Experiments: Is There a Difference?
Tisha L.N. Emerson (Baylor Universeity)
Linda K. Carter (Baylor University)
Teaching with Case Studies...Hyperinflation: What Can Zimbabwe Teach Us?
Monica Hartmann (University of St. Thomas)
Robert Werner (University of St. Thomas)
Do Daily Clicker Questions Predict Course Performance?
Lee E. Erickson (Taylor University)
Patricia A. Erickson (Taylor University)


Steven J. Balassi (Saint Mary's College of California)
Jennifer Imazeki (San Diego State University)
Mariah Ehmke (University of Wyoming)
Cynthia Bansak (St. Lawrence University)

Jan 08, 2011 10:15 am, Sheraton, Savoy
National Association of Economic Educators
Producing Education: Advances in the Efficient Creation of Knowledge (A2)
Presiding: John Swinton (Georgia College & State University)

Do Central Administrators Produce Local Public Goods?
Shawna Grosskopf
(Oregon State University)
Kathy J. Hayes (Southern Methodist University)
Lori L. Taylor (Texas A&M University)
AP Economics: Is Access Representative?
Chris Clark (Georgia College & State University)
Ben Scafidi (Georgia College & State University)
Does Competition Improve Public School Efficiency? An Analysis of K-12 Public Education in Mississippi
Kaustav Misra (Mississippi State University)
Application of Grade Inflation: Knowledge Illusion and Economic Inefficiency in the Knowledge Market
Tin-Chun Lin (Indiana University Northwest)


Paul Grimes (Mississippi State University)
Carlos Asarta (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Roger Butters (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
John R. Swinton (Georgia College & State University)

Jan 08, 2011 2:30 pm, Sheraton, Plaza Foyer American Economic Association
Poster Session: Active Learning Strategies for the Undergraduate Economics Curriculum (A2) (Poster Session)
Presiding: Wendy Stock (Montana State University)

Do Voting Schemes Matter?

Barbara Beliveau (St. Mary's College of Maryland)
The Psychology of Price Bubbles
Barbara Beliveau (St. Mary's College of Maryland)
Statistical Inference
Barbara Beliveau (St. Mary's College of Maryland)
Demonstrating a Central Tenet of the New Institutional Economics Using a Classroom Experiment
Christopher Bell (University of North Carolina-Asheville)
Developing Quality Undergraduate Research Experiences in Economics: Tools, Tips, and Ideas from the Starting Point Economics Pedatogic Portal Project
Mary O. Borg (University of North Florida)
Stephen B. DeLoach (Elon University)
Shelia Kennison (Oklahoma State University)
Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore (Randolph College)
[Download Preview]
Connecting to Your Heritage: Making Economics Personal
Charles Britton (University of Arkansas)
Understanding Strategic Behavior in an Oligopoly Model Using Classroom Clickers
Keith Brouhle
(Grinnell College)
Engaging a Diverse Set of Students in Healthcare Economics
Bruce Brown (California State Polytechnic University)
Twitternomics: Using Tweets to Teach
Howard Cochran (Belmont University)
Marieta Velikova (Belmont University)
Perfect in an Imperfect World
Marilyn Cottrell (Brock University)
Teaching Externalities with the Performance-Enhancing Drug Game: An Experimental Approach
Damian Damianov (University of Texas-Pan American)
Shane Sanders (Nicholls State University)
[Download Preview]
Improving Undergraduate Teaching and Community Outreach through a State University Economic Research Center
Maureen Dunne (Framingham State University)
Martha Meaney (Framingham State University)
Fahlino Sjuib (Framingham State University)
Teaching Effectiveness of Macroeconomics Policy using Interactive Spreadsheets
Sarah Ghosh (University of Scranton)
Satyajit Ghosh (University of Scranton)
Teaching Exchange Rates using Currency Offer Curves: The U.S. China Example
Jannett Highfill (Bradley University)
Raymond Wojcikewych (Bradley University)
[Download Preview]
Landmine Clearance as a Case for Principles of Economics
Scott Houser (Colorado School of Mines)
Bite Size Pieces Taste Better
Areerat Kichkha (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)
Mocknell Baskerball League Player Auction
Gregory Krohn (Bucknell University)
How to Assess Student Success for Students Working with Internet Learning Applications
Carsten Lange (California State Polytechnic University)
Starting Point: Pedagogical Resources for Teaching and Learning Economics
Mark H. Maier (Glendale Community College)
KimMarie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
Scott P. Simkins (Academy for Teaching and Learning)
Using Live Question for Assist Learning in Economics
G. Dirk Mateer (Pennsylvania State University)
There Is No Such Thing as a Free Textbook
Simon Medcalfe (Augusta State University)
Self-Guided Learning: The Value of Self-Directed Projects in Statistics for Business and Economics
Angela Mitchell (Wilmington College)
Large Classes in a Small College Setting: Achieving Economics of Scale and
Pedagogical Success in Teaching Principles of Microeconomics

Michael J. Murray (Central College)
Brian Peterson (Central College)
A Web-Based Final Exam in Economics: Can We Help Students Learn to Identify and Explain Economics in Everyday Life?
Bridget O'Shaughnessy (McMaster University, Canada)
Teaching "Externalities" with Dynamic Graphs in Microsoft Excel
B.A. Pitafi (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)
Thomas Mitchell (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale)
Economics Network: Ten Major Successes from the Past Ten Years
Inna Pomorina (University of Bristol, United Kingdom)
[Download Preview]
Use of Student-Authored Study Guide to Teach Principles of Microeconomics
Rod Raehsler (Clarion University)
Closing the Grade Gap between 9 and 10am Introductory Microeconomic Course by Using Active Learning Examples
Geetha Rajaram (Whittier College)
[Download Preview]
Simulating Oligopoly to Enhance Student Learning
Christopher Ruebeck (Lafayette College)
Joseph E. Harrington (Johns Hopkins University)
Interactive Lecture Demonstrations: Assessing the Effectiveness of Predict, Experience, and Reflect in Economics Instruction
Rochelle Ruffer (Nazareth College)
Mark H. Maier (Glendale Community College)
[Download Preview]
A Classroom Experiment Illustrating the Law of Demand
Nicholas Rupp (East Carolina University)
[Download Preview]
Peer Instruction the Economics Way: A Modification of Peer Instruction
Designed for a Large Enrollment Principles of Economics Classroom

Michael K. Salemi (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Jose Vazquez-Cognet (University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)
An Instructional Exercise in Price Controls: Product Quality and Public Policy
Shane Sanders (Nicholls State University)
Dennis L. Wiseman (Kansas State University)
[Download Preview]
Generative Learning Strategies for a Principles of Microeconomics Course
Katherine Sauer (Metropolitan State College of Denver)
Understanding Inflation: The Consumer Price Index
Brian Sloboda (University of Phoenix and U.S. Postal Service)
The Economic Naturalist Walk

Scott Steele (Berea College)
Thinking Like an Economist
Kristine West (University of Minnesota)
Katie Genadek (University of Minnesota)

Jan 08, 2011 2:30 pm, Sheraton, Savoy National Association of Economic Educators

Student Characteristics and Performance in the Economics Classroom (A2)
Presiding: Christopher Clark(Georgia College & State University)

Gifted Students and Gifted Teachers: Is it Innate Ability or Teacher Knowledge that Drives Student Learning?
Roger B. Butters (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Tammie J. Fischer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Economic Education)
Why Some High IQ Students Fail to Make High Effort at School: A Behavioral Theory and Empirical Evidence

Yuemei Ji (K. U. Leuven Center for Economic Studies)
How Do Transfer Students Perform in Economics? Evidence from Intermediate Macroeconomics
Carlos J. Asarta (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Scott M. Fuess Jr. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Bonn, Germany)
Andrew Perumal (University of Nebraska-Licoln)
Effectiveness of a High School Personal Finance Course: Evidence from a Multi-year Control-Group Study

Andrew T. Hill (Feveral Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
Bonnie T. Meszaros (University of Delaware)


John R. Swinton (Georgia College & State University)
Paul Grimes (Mississippi State University)

Jan 09, 2011 8:00 am, Sheraton, Governor's Square 11
American Economic Association

Research on Teaching Practices of Economics Faculty (A2)
Presiding: Randall S. Kroszner (University of Chicago)

Results from a Faculty Development Program in Teaching Economics
William Walstad
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Michael Salemi (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Teaching and Assessment Methods in Undergraduate Economics: A Fourth National Quinquennial Survey

Georg Schaur (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)
Michael Watts (Purdue University)
[Download Preview]
Student Performance in Undergraduate Economics Courses

Kevin J. Mumford (Purdue University)
Matthew W. Ohland (Purdue University)


Kristina M. Lybecker (Colorado College)
Tisha L.N. Emerson (Baylor University)
Sam Allgood (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


  1. Looks like some great talks. I even recognize a few names in there! Will you be blogging about some of the talks? =)

  2. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how one looks at it), I'll be spending most of my time at the meetings interviewing job candidates so other than the session where I am a discussant, I may not get to go to many sessions. But I was thinking I may try to solicit a guest post or two from some of these folks...

  3. all the presentations look really interesting. Do you know if the presenters are going to post their presentations online in order for us to view them.

  4. Some of the papers are already online (the 'download preview' links should take you to them) and I assume more of them will be available after the meetings (at least, for the 2010 meetings, there are many more links to papers). You can check the AEA site for updates:

  5. Jennifer-thanks for doing this every year. Saves me a bunch of times. I posted the link on the Cengage Learning Facebook Page this morning http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Economics-at-South-Western-Cengage-Learning/114850088557131
    and Greg Mankiw also just posted it to his site as well.
    John Carey


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